OMRS18: Recap of Strategy and Operations Meetings

What’s happening on the ground with OpenMRS implementations? Where are we now in terms of community, technology, and organization? What will the future hold? These are some of the recurring questions that have come up at several of our recent strategy and operations meetings.

During the OpenMRS Implementers Conference last week in Nairobi, we organized multiple sessions throughout the week to discuss these questions more fully: an initial half day meeting on Monday, December 3, a Birds of a Feather session on Wednesday, December 5, and an interactive plenary session, "OpenMRS: What Might We?," on Thursday, December 6. You can click on this link for the notes from the first two meetings (warning: these are long!).

About the OpenMRS: What Might We? session…The idea for this came out of the Birds of a Feather S&O meeting and a commitment to more fully engage the larger community in conversations about our future. This wasn’t your typical plenary session - everyone gathered around in groups of 4-6 and stood up for 45 minutes, brainstorming and talking about six different “How Might We?” questions. For those of you who weren’t in Nairobi and would like to contribute your own ideas, please follow this link and add your ideas to the mix. We’re excited to see what everyone came up with!

The conversation about our future is not over. We’ll be looping back in this forum for your feedback once we’ve finished synthesizing the OpenMRS: How Might We ideas. Please remember that our weekly Strategy and Operations meetings (Thursdays! 5pm UTC!) are always open to everyone and anyone in the community who wants to join in.

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Thanks for the updates am planning to attend this weekly meetings :slightly_smiling_face: