OMRS17 Hackathon Recap

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the hackathon at the end of OMRS17 here in Malawi, for making it a success!

Thanks of course to all the developers who participated, but I’d also like to call out @sanjayap for helping to organize, and @ssmusoke, @ball, and Maganizo for proposing the projects that we worked on.

There were four teams, who worked on:

  1. Adding condition lists to the reference application dashboard
  2. Implementing the Patient Flags UI in an OWA
  3. Integrating Medic Mobile to OpenMRS via OpenHIM
  4. Upgrading a Malawi database from OpenMRS 1.7 to 2.x

…and I hope that many of them can share their progress in another talk thread (maybe in the #dev category) and link it here! (I already see OMRS17 Hackathon Condition list)

It was great to hear that people really learned a lot during this hackathon and that they found it a worthwhile experience.

Some assorted comments people made at the end:

  • Learned about SDK, and RefApp architecture, in two days. More than I expected!
  • Learned a lot about OpenHIE
  • Much better than last year because it was organized around everyone actually working on things
  • Good learning process because I learned how to build and OWA and use my JavaScript skills
  • Learned how to create data in the OpenMRS data model. Will be helpful when we try to integrate Medic Mobile
  • I feel 70% confident that I can create an OpenHIM mediator
  • Was able to meet people to whom I can ask questions. Yesterday I met Wyclif. Though we were not able to complete the task I feel like I learned something.

Thanks for the summary @darius, sounds like a great day… sorry I wasn’t there for most of it.

Take care, Mark

@darius and the team congratulations for the successful event.@ssmusoke congs you motivated me to work hard during Ugandaemr bootcamp and i promise to keep my words.

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It was great to be the part of the event mostly i couldnt give much time would like to shout out to @deepakneupane for supporting to close out the session. Thank you @darius @ssmusoke for the support. Will do much better onward. Thank you all.

@darius ,@ssmusoke any Documentation from the Hachathon?