OMRS16 Dates: Your Feedback, Please!

We are currently working with Singapore Management University on dates for the next annual OpenMRS Worldwide Summit. Based on your feedback, we are looking at two possible ranges of dates. Please help us by letting us know your preference or potential conflicts.

If you’re seeing this on OpenMRS Talk, that means you’re the type of involved community member we want to hear from, so please take a moment to complete this poll! (If you’re reading this by email, please click the “Visit Topic” link at the bottom to vote online. Note: These results don’t yet guarantee a date for the event, but will help us get to that announcement even faster.

  • Only dates between 2 and 9 October work for me
  • Only dates between 4 and 11 December work for me
  • No preference, both sets of dates work for me
  • Neither of those dates work for me

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If you’d like to point out specific concerns with the dates, please reply to this topic. For reference, based in part on participant feedback, we are once again planning for 2 days of tutorials, 3 days of conference (the 3rd day being an unconference) and a 2-day hackathon.


It would help to know the dates well in advance.



We hope to zero in the dates over the next couple weeks and release an official announcement at that time! :slight_smile:

I’m mega excited for this :smiley:

Any dates selected for the OMRS16 Summit?




Same question as Ellen - any decisions on whether OMRS 16 Summit will be December or October?

Community is in flux currently…and in my opinion – I don’t think it should be held…just my opinion.

I would hope it could be still be held. Definitely would be helpful for us all to get together. Though, admittedly, with our lessened resources at the moment, and the main organizer no longer being involved, it’s certainly possible we won’t have the bandwidth to pull it off. I realize these meetings are a huge undertaking.

Take care, Mark

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We do have a volunteer position for this very thing… :stuck_out_tongue:

we did make a decision that the summit would be held in December (I dont recall when or how we made that, but i know that we did!)

If anyone ( s) are interested in participating and/ or supporting the Summit, please let us know! as @r0bby noted, there is a volunteer position to help lead the planning.

Look for additional information within the next few weeks. Thanks in advance for your help @terry

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I am hopeful to be able to attend this conference this year (assuming it happens) after missing the summit last year but wish I would have seen this post earlier. December tends to be a really tough month for work travel for myself and the people I work with; pretty much any other month would work better.

I understand that it is likely too late to change anything for this year but perhaps this could be discussed at the summit with additional follow up here so that more people can give feedback?

thanks for your feedback. There is another post from Suranga that is a survey to gather further information and input about the Summit. I will make sure that we include this feedback in our planning. I do think that we will be having out Summit in December for 2016, but we will definitely look at other months for 2017.

December will be difficult for most US academics as that is the end of semester/final exam crunch time.