OMRS Talk won't allow writing

(Sanatt Abrol) #1

I’ve noticed something lately, talk won’t allow me writing gmail addresses. I am currently using Google Chrome 64.0 windows 10, over a 1080p display. I’ve tried the same with some other browsers and the problem persists. talk_error

See the above gif ^^

(Daniel Futerman) #2

Presumably this is ‘by design’ email address obfuscation, to protect against email harvesters and bots. To note - although the email address appears unreadable, it should still be clickable, and you can copy to the clipboard by right clicking and selecting ‘Copy Email Address’ or the like. See below for example:


(cc @mksd, I see this also came up here)

(Dimitri R) #3

I wish I had known that before! Thanks @danfuterman.

(Sanatt Abrol) #4

Thanks @danfuterman I wish I had known that before. That’s the benefit of having a community so big and technologically diverse, one keeps on learning new things everyday.

Cheers :smile:

(Darius Jazayeri) #5

No way, I didn’t realize it was clickable! Glad I learned something today.