Officially deprecating scrap (to create JIRA tickets)

Hi everyone,

A while ago, a tool called ‘scrap’ was created in order for users to report bugs straight from OpenMRS.

You can see the line in openmrs-core referencing it:

This tool didn’t have any recent version of OpenMRS, it wasn’t updated. It’s not running for more than a year and no one appeared to have missed it.

Unless someone wants to take over it and add it to a container, I’d recommend to just archive the repository.


What do you suggest that we replace this global property with?

Have them create JIRA tickets by hand?

We possibly retire/stash it :smile:

I suppose you can even delete the property and remove any references to it.

It doesn’t seem anyone is actually following it at all, as no one has complained.

Fair enough! :smile: