Odoo - Unable to remove discount after selecting no discount on Quotation.

After selecting a fixed discount, the discount amount will be deducted from the total amount. If we again select No discount and then Update, the total amount will not be equal to Subtotal, it is still the total amount with discount deducted.

First image with Fixed discount type. image

The second image with No Discount. image

Issue resolved by adding this code snippet in def onchange_discount in the /opt/bahmni-erp/bahmni-addons/bahmni_sale/models/sale_order.py#132-135

if self.discount_type == 'none':
                self.discount_percentage = 0
                self.discount = 0

The onchange_discount function should be

@api.onchange('discount', 'discount_percentage', 'discount_type', 'chargeable_amount')
    def onchange_discount(self):
        amount_total = self.amount_untaxed + self.amount_tax
        if self.chargeable_amount:
            if self.discount_type == 'none' and self.chargeable_amount:
                self.discount_type = 'fixed'
                discount = amount_total - self.chargeable_amount
                self.discount_percentage = (discount / amount_total) * 100
            if self.discount_type == 'none':
                self.discount_percentage = 0
                self.discount = 0
            if self.discount:
                self.discount_percentage = (self.discount / amount_total) * 100
            if self.discount_percentage:
                self.discount = amount_total * self.discount_percentage / 100
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@akshaybirajdar can you please raise a PR? @sushilp @ajeenckya can you please check the above?


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@akshaybirajdar Thanks for PR

@angshuonline PR looks fine, Please merge.

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Merged the PR