ODOO Print Receipt - Wkhtmltopdf?

ODOO .92 with all the prerequisites including web-pdf-preview installed and everything was running fine. We suddenly started seeing this error when we print receipt - “Unable to find Wkhtmltopdf on this system. The report will be shown in html.” And receipt gets opened as popup and being in HTML the format is not proper.

This is because of /opt/bahmni-erp/bahmni-addons/web_pdf_preview/static/src/js/web_pdf_preview.js cannot find this component but where does this get installed?

Copied wkhtmltopdf file in /usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf and folder in /wkhtmltox/bin/wkhtmltopdf. Changed the permissions on both to mark rwx for the owner.

From command prompt checked

wkhtmltopdf --version 

which worked fine. Restarted ODD and it worked.

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Thanks @ramashish, may I know Using the wkhtmltopdf

  • is there a way I can print without downloading the pdf `

  • Cant I print sales order/Quotation/receipt on a thermal printer