Odoo not synced after cleaning patient data

I am experiencing an issue on my machine, after cleaning up the patient data. Patients are not getting synced from Openmrs to Odoo. I know the solution to clean up the markers and then retry. But, I don’t want to use it because I have done some UI level changes, Once I clean the markers then all of those would be lost. So I don’t want to try cleaning up markers. If anyone in the community knows the other way around please reply here. Thanks in Advance!

Analyse the entries in the failed_events table. They can help you understand the sync failure reason

One of my colleagues solved the issue by

1)Logging into PSQL dB- psql -Uodoo odoo

2)Ran the following two queries on postgres DB:

delete from markers where feed_uri like '%feed/encounter/recent%' ;
delete from markers where feed_uri like '%feed/patient/recent%' ;

3)Similarly, now login to Mysql(OpenMRS) DB- MySQL -uroot -pP@ssw0rd

4)Ran the following query:

delete from markers where feed_uri like '%feed/encounter/recent%' ;

And then patient’s got synced.

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Good that you have reached the solution.

Deleting markers entry will not affect any UI changes made [As you mentioned in the thread]. It will only restart the sync.

For more understanding on the same/ or a similar approach, Kindly go through this wiki link.


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