Odoo installation failed on backup markers and failed_events table

Hello Everyone

I am installing latest bahmni (0.92) on top of lxc container on proxmox 6.0.1, using default centos 7 template file. However odoo task always failed on this

Upon checking on postgres, there’s no markers and failed-events tables;

I try to search where do bahmni installer store it’s postgres deploy file, but I can’t find it.

I try to reinstalled, even re-create the vm, but it gives the same result.

Anybody can show me where’s the postgres sql deployment file for 0.92?

seems like one of the database models didn’t get updated. try the following

systemctl restart bahmni-erp-connect

systemctl restart odoo

Hi @angshuonline,

I try to resolve the problem by manually creating those table by looking at database dump file on /opt/bahmni-erp directory, but the result was odoo doesn’t bring any bahmni customization.

Sure I’ll try your recomendation, delete the vm, and re-do the installation.

By the way, is it okay to separate every bahmni component to separate vm? Of course I’d edit inventory file before fire up bahmni installer.

i do forget to mention, that those failed ansible task was for the role of installing bahmni-erp-connect. So I can’t restart the service, because it isn’t installed yet.

That ought to be possible. If not, then we would have a bug! :slight_smile:

Any news on when 0.93 release? 0.92 have some (many?) bug in installation procedure, I hope it’ll be fix in next release