Odoo Installation Error

Hello Everyone, When trying to install Bahmni v0.93 on CentOS 7.6, I am getting this error after installing.

I have read some other threads about this issue that has occurred in the past, and none of the solutions have helped, including uninstalling and reinstalling some items using pip.

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it can happen for bunch of reasons. Can you check the log for Odoo

journalctl -u odoo

Hello, i have the same prb as " jack.carney2" and this is the log of odoo

install these missing packages
1. pip install xlsxwriter
2. pip install suds-jurko
3. pip install qrcode
4. pip install pypdf
5. pip install python-chart
6. pip install --upgrade pip
7. pip install psycogreen
8. pip install passlib
9. pip install ofxparse
10. pip install Babel==1.0
11. pip install python-stdnum
12. pip install requests

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