Odoo Error: mkdir: cannot create directory ‘odoo’: File exists odoo-server is stopped. When i try to check the status of all services.

Can someone help in me in working around this error: “mkdir: cannot create directory ‘odoo’: File exists odoo-server is stopped”.

I installed bahmni 0.92 in centos 7.7 and despite starting the odoo service, i am getting the above error which makes Odoo erp fail run as expected. It has really give me headache. Please help me @bhiravabhatla, @amolsatvix , @degbenedio

I will really appreciate your help.

A few hours away from now I encountered the same problem too because the installation failed on bahmni-odoo start and enable at boot…

Hello - Please go through this link. Thay faced similar issue and got it resolved. Error while installing Bahmni 0.92 - Start Odoo and enable at boot error

Thank you very much @buvaneswariarun .Worked like a charm.

This issue of Odoo not starting is addressed in the latest patch (155) that is released for bahmni 0.92. https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/20185103/Release+Notes

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