ODOO 10 - Testing - Order Type-Shop-Location map fails to sync Quotation

Order placed from Bahmni syncs with ODOO if Order Type-Shop mapping does not have specific location mapping.

But the sync fails moment Location is specified in Order Type-Shop mapping.


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Modified _get_shop_and_local_shop_id function in /opt/bahmni-erp/bahmni-addons/bahmni_atom_feed/models/order_save_service.py as follows to resolve this issue. @ajeenckya.

def _get_shop_and_local_shop_id(self, orderType, location_name):
    _logger.info("\n\n _get_shop_and_local_shop_id().... Called.....")
    _logger.info("orderType %s",orderType)
    _logger.info("location_name %s",location_name)
    OrderTypeShopMap = self.env['order.type.shop.map']
    SaleShop = self.env['sale.shop']
    if (location_name):
        shop_list_with_orderType = OrderTypeShopMap.search([('order_type', '=', orderType), ('location_name', '=', location_name)])
        _logger.info("shop_list_with_orderType %s",shop_list_with_orderType)
        #_logger.info("shop_list_with_orderType %s",shop_list_with_orderType[0])
        #_logger.info("Len of shop_list_with_orderType  %s", len(shop_list_with_orderType))
    if not shop_list_with_orderType:
        shop_list_with_orderType = OrderTypeShopMap.search([('order_type', '=', orderType), ('location_name', '=', None)])
    if not shop_list_with_orderType:
        return (False, False)
        _logger.info("In First ELSE.....shop_list_with_orderType %s", shop_list_with_orderType)
        order_type_map_object = shop_list_with_orderType[0]
        if order_type_map_object.shop_id:
            shop_id = order_type_map_object.shop_id.id
            shop_records = SaleShop.search(cr, uid, [], context=context)
            first_shop = shop_records[0]
            shop_id = first_shop.id

        if order_type_map_object.local_shop_id:
            local_shop_id = order_type_map_object.local_shop_id.id
            local_shop_id = False
    return (shop_id, local_shop_id)

@ramashish can you please create a card for this and raise a PR?

Yes we will do the needful. Could you please confirm that this is the link https://github.com/Bahmni/odoo-modules for our current odoo implementation?

Yes. thats the one.

Here is the patch to fix this.

Can you create a PR against https://github.com/Bahmni/odoo-modules