ODOO 0.92 - Register Payment - Bug / Need easy workflow

ODOO 0.92 Environment - https://erp-product-qa04.mybahmni.org/ Test Patient Name - Sandy Test

  1. INV/2019/0005 - INR 100.00 - No payment registered.
  2. INV/2019/0006 - INR 200.00 - Registered Payment - INR 300.00 After validating INV/2019/006 invoice it shows correct balance but payment amount as the current bill amount (INR 200)


When total outstanding amount (300) is entered in Payment Amount it shows payment difference of -100 and asks to keep invoice open or marked close and shows Journal names for posting the difference



When selected “Keep Open” and validated the payment of INR 300, the other invoice (INV/2019/005) correctly shows " You have outstanding payments for this customer. You can allocate them to mark this invoice as paid." but there is no easy way to mark this invoice as paid.

User has to again go through Register Payment and the same cycle (Keep Open / Mark invoice as fully paid) repeats.

While registering excess bill payment OpenERP 7.0 displayed the other invoices that are getting paid and adjust them internally.

When Mark invoice as fully paid is selected it shows Chart of accounts instead of ledgers.

This process can be simplified if there is an easy option to mark the second invoice (INV/2019/005) as fully paid rather than repeating the Register Payment workflow

@anandpatel @angshuonline

I checked with Odoo demo, seems to behave pretty much the same. I think there are additional apps that can do this much easier. The register payment is different from OpenERP. I am not sure if there are free apps for this purpose.

For the base setup that we have, the way to register payment against 2 invoices - is to to Accounting => Customer Invoices => Select 2 or more open invoices, and then from “Action”, choose payment. It will show the combined amount, if you pay less it will try to pay out against the invoices. So if a balance of 300 is shown and you register 250, it will finalize one invoice and keep the other one open showing a balance of 50.