Odd Spanish Translations

While demoing OpenMRS to some of my Mexican colleagues, they pointed out some strange things about the Spanish translations.


“Inicio de la visita” translates to “Start of the Visit.” I don’t know how “Start Visit” ended up translated that way, but it’s definitely wrong (at least to Mexican eyes). “Iniciar Visita” is the imperative, and also what makes sense from a UX perspective.

Registration App & Core Apps:

“Patient Dashboard” and “Clinical Dashboard” – no one around me (in Mexico) understands “Registro” as a translation for “Dashboard.” Neither is it presented as a reasonable option in this Spanish StackExchange thread on the topic. My colleagues are mostly suggesting “Tablero,” with the occasional “Panel” or “Tabla.”

I’ve added my suggestions on Transifex. @darius Do you know why Core has been closed from translation contributions?

IIRC Core is still translated by manually translating the messages.properties files (i.e. it’s not integrated with transifex). There’s no reason not to move it to transifex, but someone would have to do the work.

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