OCL subscription timed out

I am trying to subscribe to CIEL on a newly created local server. This would replace mdsbuilder for my use, but not help with community. We can build a new mdsbuilder if a new OpenMRS server is available. @cintiadr?

Import never gets beyond 8 minutes and 29 seconds before the connection times out, but it’s not clear that it’s even working. Is CIEL too large? I also tried unsucessfully with the RefApp.

Using this Subscription URL: http://api.openconceptlab.com/orgs/CIEL/sources/CIEL

@paynejd @raff

I’m just trying this now, with the same subscription URL on a clean DB that I deleted all the concepts out of first. It seems to be running fine.

I’m at 8m36s now, it says 37% complete, and the running server log shows that it’s savings lots of concepts (and my laptop fan is going on overdrive).

I should add that I have 1.2.3-SNAPSHOT of the Open Concept Lab Module from Dec 19. I see that 1.2.3 has been released already, but presumably that’s not the issue…

Using openconceptlab-1.2.3.omod. I have only 2 concepts in my newly installed and clean db, so nothing ever gets imported.

@darius Do you think that you are authorized with your token? And I am not?

The beginning of the logs after I put in the URL and told it to download look like this: https://hastebin.com/ulohecilob.cs (then it keeps saving concepts for a long time, e.g. I’m now at 50% at 47 minutes).

Do your logs show anything?

I would expect that a bad token will get you a fast failure with an unauthorized exception. You could test that by changing your token.

Actually, I do think that the 1 and 2 concepts for Yes and No are inconsistent with CIEL, so you could try deleting those from the DB first. (That shouldn’t cause the behavior you’re seeing though.)

Oh, by the way, I tried doing a full import on April 25, and I ran into some validation errors in CIEL concepts, like:

At a glance I think the problem is that it has “Antenatal Visit” as FSN and “Antenatal visit” as a synonym. These differ only in capitalization, so I can imagine maybe one validation script took care of this and another doesn’t…

More (similar) errors:

127778 => “Koulè wouj” and “koulè Wouj” in Haitian Creole.

160910 => “Couleur jaune” and “couleur jaune” in French

And there were more.

(Andy said that these were actually fixed in the March 19 CIEL release, but that Jon hadn’t loaded this into OCL yet. Looking at https://openconceptlab.org/orgs/CIEL/sources/CIEL/versions/ it appears that it still hasn’t been loaded. So I expect that even if you figure out the timeout error, you still won’t see complete success.)

Unless it’s a service which clearly benefits the community, I leave that decision to @burke as he’s the one sponsoring the community infra with Jetstream.

I suppose if you explain the usage and for how long you’d like to keep, he could make an informed decision.

Please correct the URL to: http://api.openconceptlab.org/orgs/CIEL/sources/CIEL (change .com with .org)

Thanks, team.

@raff - So grateful for your help and eye. Thanks to you, it is loading concepts now. :slight_smile: I had copied the URL with .com instead of .org from another talk thread. I will correct that on that thread. Is there a better space for documenting instructions? It would even be helpful on the OpenMRS subscription config page to suggest some URLs.

@cintiadr @burke - As for setting up a community CIEL server, this would likely be helpful only until some additional work with OCL and the OCL-OMRS is completed. I don’t mind maintaining my own CIEL dictionary on my laptop, but mdsbuilder server was used by myself and others (ie. @ssmusoke, et al). It’s a little complicated since not everyone might be using the same version of OpenMRS.

For now, PIH uses CIEL’s concept dictionary on OpenMRS 2.1 to create mds packages of a subset of CIEL concepts. When @akanter generates an update of the CIEL dictionary with new concepts for PIH, I need to add those to the PIH deployments. We use metadata sharing to do that today – and hopefully will use OCL in the future to add them to the PIH collection.