OCL Squad: Early January QA to help unblock concept customization!

Context: The OCL team has prepped a new release (currently reflected in the Dictionary Manager dev environment at openmrs.dev.openconceptlab.org/login) that contains support for expansions and dynamic references. These were the underlying needs that had to be addressed before the very-desired “concept customization”.

ToDo: The OCL Team needs us to say, sooner the better, “there are no changes/impacts noted to the dictionary manager”. Then they can proceed with this release, and we can proceed with concept customization work. So we need to:

  • run through user tests in this environment and give the OCL Team feedback if there is anything not working
  • The goal for testing here is that there the dev environment should be 100% backwards compatible — this round of testing is not about testing new functionality

How: I think we just need a few folks to play with the Dictionary Manager dev environment and work through most of this spreadsheet: OCL for OpenMRS - QA Observations - Google Sheets

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Thanks @grace for the update on this, According to the need as suggested above, our qa squad team will be glad to help . probably having a sprint will suffice, One question that comes to my mind is,

Do you want this to be done manually or writing automated scripts for the Dictionary manager.

Sure @grace just like @sharif said, the QA squad is willing to come in. May be could we organize a call to have the entire team on board. Then we can hit the road running.

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@sharif I put some pointers in the #ocl-client-dev channel on Slack on how to run the automated tests against the new version of OCL.

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Thanks @ibacher , will definitely check the slack messages.

Hello @grace I have a suggestion about the spreadsheet with the different test scenarios, could we have people add their names or usernames on the sheet and have a column for their findings. The reason I am suggesting this is just for us to have more than one person testing a feature. The more people we have to test a single feature the better. So if the test is passing on more than one , two or three people’s side then that will be great. What do you think @grace ?