OCL for OpenMRS squad

This is already done: I moved them from Project Management to OCL for OpenMRS Weekly Meetings and added the link to the OCL for OpenMRS Weekly Meetings page.

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thanks @jennifer

Sorry I missed the call…will try to follow the notes to get up to speed…Otherwise @herbert24 I have been able to grasp what I think may be sufficient to get things done at a minimum level…Due to lack of clarity at the start I had gone ahead and claimed and worked on a ticket which I created a PR for https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/OCLOMRS-729 which you could review and see if you can leave some comments though during the last meeting but one I received clarity to halt any work as we wait for the new code-base…So am just waiting…

Finally the network has stabilized and this is the new error log https://pastebin.com/fkZPyX14

With the stabilised connection,

Try delete the node_modules folder in C:\Users\JULIE\OpenMRS-Tickets\openmrs-ocl-client

Then run this command: npm cache clean --force

Finally run: npm install again.

This is what I get https://pastebin.com/dvQJMSDc

@herbert24 True i will

Thanks @jennifer

Hi every one,this is a gentle reminder that we shall be checking on the progress for all those on the on boarding session today at 5pm EAT here uberconference.com/openmrs.

Hope guys prepared us some demoz as earlier communicated cc @karuhanga @sharif @ @reagan @jwnasambu @tendomart @jennifer

Hi every one,today we shall not have the ocl call since we have a few items to discuss which i want to just write here.

1)We are still on the step of writing tests for OCL version 2,Lincoln had written some and had promised to get done with them by early this week though i have tried to reach out to him and no response yet.

  1. I am also writing tests that i expect to submit to @dkayiwa next week for version 2 so as we keep moving even when Lincoln could be unavailable.

3)Currently,every thing is in the back log and as soon as ellen comes back,we shall go on to carry out the sprint planning and then start off with the sprint.

Those are the updates on the current stand of the project

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@herbert24 I just want to put in a plug for my suggestion on the PM call that we look into having the people who are getting on-boarded for this project write at least some of the tests to cover OCL version 2. This could help give them some familiarity with the code base and hopefully alleviate the issue of this project getting stuck waiting for all the tests to be ready.


You are very right.

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@ibacher :clap:

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Following the suggestions that were made here,we got time and arranged some tickets that are going to be for sprint 25 on mainly testing ocl version 2.Thanks to @ball and @karuhanga for picking up some time for this. And i will be announcing the sprint in the next few hours.The sprint could take at least a week and this means that for our next calls,we shall be reviewing the progress on the board.Not so much is available for us to pick up on call today but incase any one who would like to meet up on the call and raise any suggestion or issue,you can let us know on this thread

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@herbert24 does it mean it is Two weeks?

Due to the corona-virus pandemic,different people are having changes in time they can spend on the project,so am much thinking we take it for two weeks!!

Herbert, Jen and I are on the call now. https://iu.zoom.us/j/750230470

joining in a few mins

hi every one,today we start sprint 25 as announced here OCL sprint 25:Announcment kindly post on this thread in case of any questions,regards

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Hello this is a reminder to join us for the OCL/OCL for OpenMRS Squad meeting to be held today (Wednesday, 1st Apirl 2020) and every Wednesday : https://iu.zoom.us/j/750230470 .


5pm EAT | 2pm UTC | 10am Boston | 7am Seattle


-checking through the progress on the OCL sprint

Squad: @mozzy @jennifer @jecihjoy @jdick @kuang @whiscard @dkayiwa @darius @akanter @burke @jwnasambu @irenyak1 @tendomart @mseaton @mogoodrich @karuhanga @paynejd @ibacher

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Great Q&A session during today’s OCL for OpenMRS squad meeting - thanks to @kirity @swedhan @michaelbontyes @akanter @paynejd @karuhanga!

Here’s a link to the call notes (including a link to the recording).