OCL for OpenMRS: Onboarding, functional testing, and unit tests

Hi @dkayiwa @jwnasambu @tendomart @insookwa,

Here are some materials to help with further onboarding to the OCL for OpenMRS work. Of course, definitely review and get personally familiar with the OCL-client repo as well :slight_smile:

1. Try out some functional testing of QA

2. Start writing Unit Tests

@dkayiwa is there are particular area of the code you’d recommend they look at or start writing unit tests for?

@burke @christine @k.joseph is there anything else you think I may have missed that would be helpful self-onboarding for our new dev contributors to the OCL for OpenMRS squad?


Thanks so much @grace

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Thanks @grace for this initiative

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Thanks @grace

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They could start with something as simple as tests for the login screen.

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Thank you @grace

Hi @jwnasambu @insookwa @tendomart, just wanted to check-in - how is your OCL for OpenMRS onboarding experience going so far? I saw a couple tickets have been picked up from the OCL for OpenMRS board which is awesome :smiley: Keep it up!

Is there anything you’d like to ask, to be unblocked on anything? (tagging @dkayiwa and @michaelbontyes while I’m OOTO next week)

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Thanks @grace for reaching out! Am glad my issue was sorted out.

Hello, I am Hadijah Kyampeire, a software engineer at Andela, I worked on the OCL for OpenMRS when it was just starting, and I was under the mentorship of @dkayiwa. Recently I onboarded back on the OCL through @jwnasambu and I am so interested in resuming to develop the OCL and mentor the junior engineers on the OCL.

cc @grace @ibacher @dkayiwa @darius @cintiadr


Great to see you back @hadijah315 :slight_smile:

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This is wonderful news! Welcome back @hadijah315, it’s great to e-meet you and I’m excited to work with you more!

How would you like to proceed with your involvement? I have a couple of thoughts, let us know what you think :slight_smile:

  • Answer technical questions about the OCLOMRS code from @jwnasambu and @suruchi
  • Participate in some of the known bug fixes/improvements we need to do - here’s the list of relatively straightforward tickets, and here’s the full project backlog. I’ll add more tickets into that intro issues list later today.
  • Test coverage: It is a bit unclear for most of us exactly where we have gaps in unit test coverage, and what tests are currently set up in Cypress. If you could find this out and share that with us this would be very helpful!

We’re so grateful for your involvement and support! :bouquet:

I am happy to help on all those things you have mentioned.

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That’s really awesome @hadijah315. FWIW, our next OCL for OpenMRS squad call together is Wednesday Dec 9. Next week is the OpenMRS conference (you are most welcome!); we’ll have a couple session-type things to share with the community what has been going on around OCL for OpenMRS. We’ll demo the product at the Squad Showcase, and MSF will give a Lightning Talk, and there will be a session on Concept Management where we’ll talk about it further.

In the meantime, you might like to see the most recent Squad Showcase demo we did of the product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1zIBj4DsFM&t=2674s

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Great to here, I will surely join the upcoming calls and I will stay in touch with @jwnasambu for thorough onboarding.

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Great to seeu again @hadijah315

Thanks @tendomart

Welcome @hadijah315, you had really helped me understand react and CSS code. Hope to work closely with you in the future.

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Welcome @hadijah315. We didn’t meet earlier but I hope to connect with you as I have special interest in the OCL work you are involved in.


Thanks @wanyee, I am glad to be part of OCL again and I hope to connect with you too.

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