OCL for OpenMRS: Onboarding, functional testing, and unit tests

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Hi @dkayiwa @jwnasambu @tendomart @insookwa,

Here are some materials to help with further onboarding to the OCL for OpenMRS work. Of course, definitely review and get personally familiar with the OCL-client repo as well :slight_smile:

1. Try out some functional testing of QA

2. Start writing Unit Tests

@dkayiwa is there are particular area of the code you’d recommend they look at or start writing unit tests for?

@burke @christine @k.joseph is there anything else you think I may have missed that would be helpful self-onboarding for our new dev contributors to the OCL for OpenMRS squad?


Thanks so much @grace

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Thanks @grace for this initiative

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Thanks @grace

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They could start with something as simple as tests for the login screen.

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Thank you @grace

Hi @jwnasambu @insookwa @tendomart, just wanted to check-in - how is your OCL for OpenMRS onboarding experience going so far? I saw a couple tickets have been picked up from the OCL for OpenMRS board which is awesome :smiley: Keep it up!

Is there anything you’d like to ask, to be unblocked on anything? (tagging @dkayiwa and @michaelbontyes while I’m OOTO next week)

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Thanks @grace for reaching out! Am glad my issue was sorted out.