OCL Daily Scrums / Check-ins

Hi everyone,

We briefly discussed this on the OCL call earlier today, but I thought I’d make a Talk post about this to be able to communicate with people who weren’t able to make the call.

Basically, we’d like everyone working on the OCL for OpenMRS client to provide a brief stand-up style update on their work, ideally daily. The format for this is quite similar to the OpenMRS Daily Scrum that takes place on IRC, but we’d like to do something more OCL-specific to help us keep track of work in progress and blockers.

So, we’d like to ask that if you’re working on the OCL for OpenMRS client that at 1 PM UTC (4 PM EAT, 6:45 PM Nepal Time, 9 AM EST, 6 AM PST) you connect to the OpenMRS Slack instance, go to the #ocl-client-dev channel and make a brief post of:

  1. What you’ve done since you last provided an update
  2. What you’re working on
  3. Any issues or blockers

We’d like to try this out for a week or two and see how it feels.

Please feel free to post any questions or concerns in this thread. Thanks for reading!

@jwnasambu @suruchi @nkumar @irenyak1 @hadijah315


Thanks, @ibacher for the initiative, my question is, Is the process automated? will it ping us automatically? if not I would suggest that we configure it if possible, maybe as a reminder or a Slack bot in the near future that way even if someone has forgotten, he/she can always get a reminder.

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I’ve added something automated in using the Polly app. It should (hopefully) start pinging people in a few minutes (because I scheduled the stand-up time for a few minutes from now). We can see how popular / useful it is.


Awesome, thanks @ibacher

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A question was raised concerning the inconsistency of the Daily Scrum list we are using for IRC at 5:30 E.A.T. I would like to get the updated list, since there are some members who are on the list but do not report probably because they report with different squads.

c.c. @jennifer @grace @ibacher @dkayiwa

@gracebish, I think you’re right: some people probably don’t use the Daily Scrum because they are giving updates to different squads and each squad has it’s own stand up or way to give dev updates - and that’s fine. So before we update the list of people for the Daily Scrum you manage, we probably want clarify which teams or squads use the Daily Scrum. Based on my observations of the Daily Scrum, that might be the right place for people working on Platform and Ref App releases. We might want to have GSoC students use it. @grace, what do you think?

Well, this is so good though soon the scrum manager @gracebish will have no people to lead because not all the GSoC students join scrum besides that some GSoC projects lie in a given squad. May be the guiding principle should be what is the essence of having a daily scrum? because the is having a scum meeting when it’s not meeting the set goal and I suppose that is what is making @gracebish to reach out for guidance.

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