Observations not showing on patient page


Patient page ‘LATEST OBSERVATIONS’ on web app is displaying vitals, but not custom observations.


Ref app 2.12.


I’m creating observations both via the web app and REST API. The web app observations are the standard vitals (height, weight, etc.), whereas the REST API observations are for custom concepts that I created. These observations are a mixture of class ‘Finding’ and ‘Symptom’. The vitals are showing on the patient page in the web app, but the custom observations not. I see that the vitals all have class ‘Finding’, similar to some of my custom observations, so not sure why some findings are showing in ‘LATEST OBSERVATIONS’ and some not.


What is the criteria/filter for the web app to display LATEST OBSERVATIONS?


In a similar vein, I have added Conditions (+ attached diagnoses) from the web app, as well as via the REST API. The condition and diagnosis created via the web app is shown under ‘CONDITIONS’ and ‘DIAGNOSES’, but from condition that I posted via the REST API, only the attached diagnoses are shown under ‘DIAGNOSES’: the condition itself is not shown under ‘CONDITIONS’.


The attached screenshot shows:

  • Depression condition created via web app (green rectangle)
  • Pneumonia diagnosis created via web app (green rectangle)
  • 2 Long Covid diagnoses (blue rectangle), which are for two separate instances of a Covid condition, but the conditions for these are not shown under ‘CONDITIONS’ (one is ACTIVE, one INACTIVE).
  • Standard “vitals” observations (big green rectangle).
  • Missing: all other (non-vitals) observations submitted via REST API.

Is this of help? Patient Summary Widget Documentation - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Can you cross check to see if the conditions that you posted via REST are in the conditions table?

It looks like what I want, but how/where do I set this?

Yes, they are. Here is my SQL and results:

select c.condition_id, get_person_name(c.patient_id) as Patient
	, get_concept_name(concept.concept_id) "Coded concept", c.condition_non_coded "Non coded"
	, c.clinical_status, c.onset_date, c.end_date
from conditions c
left join concept on c.condition_coded = concept.concept_id
where c.patient_id = 488

MySQL Workbench-2022-09-30

Add them using your equivalent of this page: https://demo.openmrs.org/openmrs/referenceapplication/manageApps.page

On the ‘Manage Apps’ page there are only options to enable & disable an app. How do I reconfigure coreapps.latestObsForConceptList with new settings?

Click on the Add App Definition button at the top. And then add with app id coreapps.latestObsForConceptList

The app coreapps.latestObsForConceptList is already registered. The only options I see is to disable/enable it. I see no way to change its configuration, or completely remove it, in order to re-register it. What do I do?

What you add will override the existing one.