Observation form report - sortBy error on Demo site

Observation form report is throwing error on sortBy on demo site

When locally configured as follows including sortBy:

        "name": "OpNotes Form Report",
        "type": "forms",
        "config": {
            "patientAttributes": ["mobileNo","AADHAAR"],
            "patientAddresses": ["postal_code","city_village"],
            "visitAttributes": ["Visit Status","Admission Status"],
            "showVisitInfo": false,
            "showProvider": false,
            "formNamesToFilter": ["Operative Notes"],
            "conceptNameDisplayFormat": "shortNamePreferred",
            "locationTagsToFilter": [],
            "programsToFilter": [],
            "applyDateRangeFor": "encounterCreateDate",
            "sortBy": [{"column" : "mobileNo", "sortOrder" : "desc"}],
            "visitTypesToFilter": []

it still throws the same error - " HTTP Status 500 - Incorrect Configuration Column that you have configured in sortBy is either not present in output of the report or it is invalid column"

Configuration is as follows:

Documentation here does not list sortBy as mandatory column.

@sameergije i’m facing the same issue. Is there any luck with this ??