Objections to Migrating the Modulus UI to Ember.js from Angular?

Would anybody object to me migrating the Modulus UI to Ember.js from Angular?

Ember.js is another awesome frontend JS framework in the same league as Angular…I’d do it as a an experimental branch – in fact since Modulus is written in a modular way, it’s easy to just make another project…


I think that’s in the opposite direction of where the community is headed. Lots of work happening with Angular on multiple fronts including OpenMRS UI development. It definitely is helpful to use stacks that translate across projects.

However, forks are welcome if you’re interested in experimenting! :slight_smile:

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Angular is cool and all but the issue I’ve had is that Angular 2.x will change significantly – requiring massive changes for Angular 1.x codebases…Ember.js on the other hand is relatively stable and/or has a migration path…whereas Angular does not.

That said, I might fork it and experiment.

As a point of reference, search.openmrs.org returns 79 hits for “Angular” and 3 for “Ember.js” (2 of which refer to this topic). :wink:

But I think it’s always a good idea to explore and experiment, so would be cool if you want to check it out!

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