oauth2 module doesn't works with core

I tried running the oauth2 module with core but gives errors https://pastebin.com/JJSWAUSk I would love to fix these if someone could help me with them @dkayiwa @sharif

You need to share the full server side log. You can use tools like pastebin.com

@dkayiwa Please have a look https://pastebin.com/EZZaNpfY

Inside the OAuth2 module moduleApplicationContext there are a few beans that are configured as <ref local="..."/> change these to <ref bean="..."/>. I suspect the underlying issue is that the Spring syntax was changed to drop support for the local bean type. See if that fixes the issue.

I get this https://pastebin.com/YgAuz0tv

I guess I’ll have to remove DefaultAnnotationHandlerMapping

I have made some commits. Update both your core and module source. Then compile both again and test.

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@dkayiwa Its working now :+1: