OAuth2 + FHIR module demonstration

Hi Dev’s As discussed on the 6th July Design Forum, I am putting up the demo video showing how OAuth2 module will provide OAuth2 support to resources exposed by FHIR module on OpenMRS 1.11.x

Link to slides : https://goo.gl/u89Em0

Your feedback and comments would really help :smiley: //cc @burke @darius @harsha89 @surangak


Hi @maany, I hope you don’t feel ignored, but we were away from office for the last week, hence the delay in responding. I hope you understand what a big victory this is to us! @paul and @burke were overjoyed to see this in action and we love it!!! kudos for getting this done!!!

@darius, please see above. OAuth works!!! :sunny:

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Not at all @surangak :slight_smile: Glad you guys liked the demo. :smiley:

Very cool work @maany. :slight_smile:

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