O3: VOTE to make 3.x Squad Calls EAT-Timezone friendly!


We want to make our 3.x Squad Calls more friendly for folks in/near EAT times. We imagine alternating times btwn EAT-friendly and EDT-friendly. Let us know your preferences on the following options by using this poll on slack :point_left:

For example:

  • Frequency: meet every ONE week for 1 hr, or every TWO weeks for 2 hrs
  • Alternating: alternate each CALL btwn the EAT-friendly time and the EDT-friendly time, or each MONTH
  • EAT Time options: 12pm Noon EAT, 2pm EAT, or 4pm EAT

I’m especially grateful to @eudson who will be our technical lead for the EAT Timezone calls. He’s a great fit for this given his familiarity with 3.x and his leadership role in using 3.x as the OHRI foundation.

CC @ssmusoke @aojwang @n0man - please share the poll with your teams, we’d really love to make these 3.x Squad calls more convenient for you!!

VOTE HERE!! :point_left:

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Last call for voting on the meeting times!! I will close the poll ~8pm EAT this coming Monday.

Poll here: Slack