O3 UX Design call 2022-12-12

Today’s O3 Product Design call was busy! A big thanks to the Orgs and Presenters who used our new O3 Design Call Sign-up Sheet to come prepared.

Full recording at this link here.

Reports Dashboard for O3 End-Users

By @christoforos of @SolDevelo


Dispensing Medications in O3

By @ddesimone of @PIH (Note that the demo is using a PIH distro, not the O3 refapp, hence the different drug ordering UI)


ICRC’s O3 Use Cases & New Features

  • Bulk RDE/Fast Form Entry
  • Group Visits
  • Patient Grid creation and use
  • Real-Time Clinical Analytics in SuperSet
  • New workflow tool in patient chart

By @jesplana of ICRC


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