O3: User Onboarding GSoC-2024

Hi everyone,

I am interested in the user Onboarding flow feature project on this year’s Google Summer of Code project list.

From my understanding, This has as a goal of introducing users to major features of the application within an outpatient workflow. This involve processes like:

  1. Onbard users to navigate throught the system in an easy and more fashionable way to keep them motivated and interested.
  2. Implement a system for new users to create accounts in Test 3 and O3 demo environments.
  3. Develop a feature providing a guided tour to introduce users to major features in the outpatient workflow
  4. Create tutorials or walkthroughs for essential tasks, aiding users in effectively using various features
  5. Enable users to set up and customize profiles, preferences, notifications, and personalized settings
  6. Integrate documentation, videos, or tooltips directly within the OpenMRS interface for easy access to relevant information
  7. Implement access control based on user roles within the outpatient workflow.
  8. Monitor onboarding progress and encourage completion of essential training modules as well as get feeback by comments or suggestions, facilitating continuous improvement
  9. Ensure onboarding materials and interface support multiple languages for a diverse user base

these are few points i could consider in making onboarding a success. lets move forward in getting the exact requirements of the topic and the expectation as well. In the mean time i do not still have access to the zeplin designs

@jayasanka @dkigen @hadijah315 @vasharma05 @jwnasambu @dkigen @grace . i will appreciate further details of this project topic.


That’s great. U got exactly. Looking forward for your contribution to openMRS

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thanks @senthilathiban . if you have some thoughts and ideas regarding the topic, kindly share them.

Access to Zeplin provided.

You have listed down some good ideas @njiddasalifu :clap:

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