O3: Tutorial on 06-30: Converting HFE --> O3 Forms

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We will be having a short tutorial this Thursday at 12pm UTC 2pm CET | 3pm EAT | 5:30pm IST | 5am PDT | 8am EDT, where @aojwang will share how his team at @PalladiumKenya uses an HFE–>O3 form schema converstion script to help with ~60% of the effort needed to turn an HTML Form Entry form into a form that works with the O3 Form Schema.

Huge thanks to @aojwang for this helpful topic and his work on the conversion script, and to @slubwama for suggesting this tutorial :slight_smile: :bowing_woman:

CC/FYI @rubailly @dagimm @afewerki @melkammekonnen @ball @mozzy @ggomez @tanderson @wamz @mayanja @mmwanje @mksrom @achachiez @icrc.psousa

@grace is there a recording for this? unfortunately missed it.

Here’s a recording of the 2022-06-30: Converting HFE → O3 Forms:


Thank you so much!