O3 RefApp Release 3.0.0-beta.14 is done - here’s what we learned

Dear Community,

If you’ve been following the #openmrs3 slack channel, you’ll know that this October @ibacher @dennis and I drilled our focus into the O3 release process. This post is a 2-for-1 announcement: Both to announce the 3.0.0-beta.14 release, and to share what we learned from this intentional experiment to try a number of release-protocol-improvements.

OpenMRS RefApp Release 3.0.0-beta14 is out! :tada: Congratulations to these first-time “official” code contributors: @kajambiya, @kazlaw, @elimm, @NYESIGA, and @DilshanNaveen :trophy:

NOTE: Please stay tuned for beta15 which will have a bunch of bug fixes for issues discovered in beta14. Thanks for your patience while we get our release cadence dialed-in.

3.0.0-beta.14 Release Highlights

O3 Core Improvements

  • SWR is now a shared library
  • The service worker is now opt-in for local development
  • Fixes to the openmrs tooling
  • A new useDebounce hook

O3 Patient Chart Improvements

  • New lab order form and improvements to the order basket
  • Forms and Notes widget replaced by the Clinical Form workspace
  • Support for printing test results and vitals
  • Broader i18n coverage
  • Improved workspace implementation
  • React Hook Form and Zod

O3 Form Builder Improvements

  • Ability to reorder questions via drag and drop
  • Ability to copy and download form schemas
  • Show form audit information

Angular Form Engine



Alphabetically by Organization affiliation:

What We Learned

  • We followed the “How to Release the O3 RefApp” guide and that worked fairly well
  • The test3 QA Release and Manual QA Checklist did help us catch a lot of bugs. Most of these are fixed or almost fixed and will be included in the next release, 3.0.0-beta.15
  • The new E2E test coverage is helping; there were far less “this is obviously visually broken” things discovered in Manual QA than any other O3 releases I can think of. Which is nice because Manual QA time is best spent trying to break things :smiling_imp: and use deeper critical thinking :innocent:
  • Tracking via Fix Version Release Numbers in Jira helps us be way more organized. E.g. see the release numbers here: Log in - OpenMRS Issues You can see we already have a plan for what will go out in the next release.

Apologies, I forgot one thing in these Release Notes, which I plan to include in every O3 Release post: The OMOD and ESM (O3) App version numbers.

Here they are for 3.0.0-beta.14. We will be releasing 3.0.0-beta.15 soon (hopefully this week but most likely early next week) and I’ll be sure to highlight any version # changes.

Backend Module Name Installed Version Required Version
fhir2 1.10.0 ^1.2.0
o3forms 2.1.0
openconceptlab 2.1.0 >=1.2.0
reporting 1.25.0 ^1.0.0
reportingrest 1.14.0 ^1.0.0
webservices.rest ^2.24.0
Frontend Module (O3 App) Name Version in 3.0.0-beta.14
@openmrs/esm-active-visits-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-appointments-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-cohort-builder-app 3.0.1-pre.174
@openmrs/esm-devtools-app 5.2.0
@openmrs/esm-dispensing-app 1.0.1-pre.240
@openmrs/esm-fast-data-entry-app 1.0.1-pre.110
@openmrs/esm-form-builder-app 2.1.0
@openmrs/esm-form-entry-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-generic-patient-widgets-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-home-app 5.0.0
@openmrs/esm-implementer-tools-app 5.2.0
@openmrs/esm-login-app 5.2.0
@openmrs/esm-openconceptlab-app 4.0.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-allergies-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-appointments-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-attachments-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-banner-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-biometrics-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-chart-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-conditions-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-flags-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-forms-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-labs-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-list-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-medications-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-notes-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-orders-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-programs-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-registration-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-search-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-patient-vitals-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-primary-navigation-app 5.2.0
@openmrs/esm-service-queues-app 5.1.0
@openmrs/esm-system-admin-app 4.0.0