O3: Product Design Call 2022-06-27: Personas, More Flags, Alerts, Tasks, and Sticky-Notes!

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We will be having our weekly O3 Product Design meeting next Monday at 5pm CET | 6pm EAT | 8:30pm IST | 8am PDT | 11am EDT. Link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

This week we have 2 focused discussion topics in particular:

1. Meet the OpenMRS Personas - by @tendayi.mutangadura

  • Our new PM Fellow Tendayi has multiple years and many countries of experience implementing with many different types of sites and staff users. He has been updating the OpenMRS Personas based on real-world experience - come hear his stories and meet our Personas of both people and places!

2. New improvements to Patient Flags/Alerts, and User Actions / Tasks - by @cduffy

  • Preview:

3. New: Sticky Notes in O3 - by @cduffy

We look forward to seeing you there!

CC @OHRI @tanderson @rubailly @suruchi @mksrom @lousa & anyone else welcome.

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@grace Has there been any discussion on improvements to the backend performance of patient flags including and not limited to - caching values, improving speed of computations (@eudson @alaboso - computed properties), as well as time based expiry of values