‘O3: Print feature’ Project - Ideas & Suggestions.

I am Harsh Panchal , Currently in my final year of graduation .

I am interested in ‘O3: Print feature’ Project . And I have different approaches to implement it .

1 . Rather then putting a full responsibility on a user , we even can suggest him/her to save the particular document in a store to print base on the condition(Medical history) of user (Which depends on a data which might be we had in our data store ) . This might help user to collect their data to print in more efficient manner .

2 . Download option for important charts , It might be reduce the issue for storage
which can be make a huge impact . (I personally don’t sure about this thinking ,because I yet not familiar with functionality of your software )

Could you help me with this , And also help me by guiding how can I set up openMRS on my system to contribute.

Any one interested in this topic , Kindly reply .

What do you think? @jayasanka @kdaud @dkigen