O3 Print Feature - Patient Identification Stickers

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O3 Print Feature - Patient Identification Stickers (v1)

Goal and background: Configurable and reusable print button for anywhere in O3.

EMR content can be printed to avoid handwriting information that already exists in the system, increasing the readability and quality of information, as well as the timely treatment of patient flows.

This pursues the work of the O3 Print Feature of the GSoC 2023.

It is a use case for MSF/Madiro implementations in hospitals (Iraq and Burundi).

Possible Roadmap / Phasing

Starting with patient identification stickers, the functionality could later be extended throughout the EMR, since there are usually multiple places across the EMR UI that require printing - such as lab sample label with a barcode at the point of Order Entry, or a detailed Discharge Summary at the end of a long inpatient stay. For example:

  • V1 for Patient identification stickers
  • V2 for Lab stickers
  • V3 for Discharge documents
  • V4 for additional content
  • V5 for archiving purposes

Top User Stories and their Benefit for Users

Theme User Want/Need Benefit/Reason.

  1. Choose where to display the print button and what to print: As an OpenMRS Implementer, I need to configure a printing functionality, so that I can define the patient information to print and the format of the stickers-pages

  2. Print patient stickers: As a facility staff member, I want to print patient identification stickers upon registration or in patient summary, so that stickers can be used on paper forms or physical commodities like test requests

Design examples

  • Print button idea


  • Stickers idea


Not In Scope:

  • Complete Patient Chart: Not yet trying to solve the use case where the entire patient chart needs printing, e.g. for legal case review.
  • Printing audit logs.

Tentative Timeline / Potential Milestones

  • V1 - Print Patient Stickers

    • Consolidate Requirements and start development: 2024-04-05
    • Ready for RefApp testing with a feature flag: 2024-04-26
    • Ready for production: 2024-05-31
  • V2 - Print Lab Stickers.

    • June-July 2024
  • V3 - Print Patient Discharge

    • August-September 2024.
  • V4 & V5 - Print Additional content

    • After September 2024

Initial Technical Requirements

  • Likely requires leveraging and refactoring the foundation laid by the GSOC 2023 Printing project.
  • Configurable Print button location, printable content, and print format
  • Support multiple languages for printed content (ex. Print patient sticker in both English and Arabic)
  • For security and privacy purposes, define specific user privileges allowing to print content, and which content (ex. Print patient identification, print lab request, print discharge, print notes, etc.)
  • (optional) Generate a bar-code for patient identification

If you are interested in such a feature, kindly share your interest by April 5th.

Looking forward to collaborating on this :slight_smile:

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am interested


me too interested

created an Epic to to track this: O3 Print Feature - Patient Identification Stickers

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Nice, @jnsereko! I’ve updated the Squad Dashboard with the Epic and added you and Michael as the leads of this initiative :slight_smile:

Thanks so much - this is a very needed feature and it’s awesome to see this progressing.

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