O3 Performance Improvement

The biggest thing I have heard from developers who are leading implementing O3 in live-sites in their country is exactly what @aojwang mentioned about re. bundling requests, and the inefficiency of 1 by 1 calls. So :100: to what Antony posted above :slight_smile:

Re. users’ experience of performance: Yes, the users are noticing that O3 can be slower on any given number of pages. It was painful watching this experience in multiple clinics in-person myself and seeing this sometimes slow down the registration or triage desk. This is why I raised this Talk post as far back as October as a request for us to use the performance tab in the dev tools to investigate the causes, since I suspected it’s death-by-1000-cuts with a number of various calls being less performant than others. Maybe Antony’s suggestion re. bundling would solve this user experience better.

On a communication note… I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear enough that I was seeing real production sites having this problem - re. “What do Implementers think”, this was a problem expressed by Implementers back in October and even earlier, which is why I escalated it. I was especially concerned that sites were still reporting problems by October because that was even after and with the fixes made on the frontend in esm-core v5 that significantly improved performance.