O3: Newly Published hardware requirements and recommendations for O3

Hi All! I wanted to bring to your attention and solicit feedback on the new hardware requirements and recommendations for O3.


Please let me know what you think, and we can make any needed changes!

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Thanks @caseynth2 , What is your recommendation about RDS ? put in consideration that MYSQL 5.6 on AWS is nolonger supported.

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Hi @caseynth2 ,

For AWS cloud deployments, it might be better to suggest t3 types of instances (instead of t2), what do you think?

Additionally, for Cloud, the same applies as for local deployment in terms of specs VS number of users. t3.medium is 4 GB, which might work for 10 users.

More than 10 users, one must use t3.large (8 GB) or t3.xlarge (16 GB)


Thanks @sharif , that’s a good point, that can help to manage the larger databases, and we are doing some work on testing the AWS hardware using gatling to be sure that the API can keep up. I think we can do a more specific best practice setup using the AWS features like RDS to make it more robust and cost effective. I’d be interested in any real world instances that have been using AWS, and what people have found.

@mksrom That’s a very good point, I will update these to suggest the t3 instances and that they are also scaled to the number of users.

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Hi all,

We have just added some specifications for Android devices that would be expected to run O3, do you have any feedback on improvements to these? I’d love to hear your ideas.


Best, Casey

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