O3: New Documentation: Configure Lab Filters

FYI community, if you haven’t already seen, there is a new Lab Filter feature in O3 (thank you @zacbutko / @Mekom !) :test_tube:

The Lab Filter feature enables you to set up custom filter views - eg based on standard medical hierarchies, or even based on your own custom ideas (e.g. “Our Favorite HIV-Related Tests”), like the image below.

To set up your own preferred Filters and Test Hierarchies, you can now follow the steps in the esm-patient-test-results-app README here. I have also created a sample Collection to demo how these hierarchies can be set up with ConvSet concepts.


FYI @mksrom @jdick @eudson @wamz @ssmusoke @ddesimone @ball @pmanko @mozzy @caseynth2