O3: METS/UgandaEMR Hackathon in Jinja, Uganda, May 2022

Congrats to the METS UgandaEMR team, prepping to launch their first 3.x pilot!

At the end of May, @dkayiwa and I had the pleasure of joining representatives from @METS and SPIRE for a 3.x hackathon in Jinja Uganda as they worked to get a 3.x pilot ready for their first pilot site. The focus is Cervical Cancer and MCH, including Maternity, ANC, PNC, and EID.

The week had 3 focus groups: Form Building, Packaging (of the content needed for MCH+), and Reporting.

A big congratulations to the folks of @METS who have been working hard to learn OpenMRS 3 and leverage it for their own sites! Thanks also to the folks from HISTAC/OHRI such as @pirupius, @amugume, and @ssmusoke for leading training and Q&A about O3 and the OHRI framework. This also gave a chance for field-level feedback into OHRI products and approaches.

(@slubwama & @mmwanje will be the key points of contact for METS O3 work going forward)


:pray: :bouquet: Thank you for having us! :bouquet: :pray:


@dkayiwa and @grace Thank you for coming over to Jinja and joining us, apart from the hacking your presence helped shed more light on O3 and OHRI - looking forward to getting UgandaEMR moved over


Thank you Grace, Looking forward to having O3 pilloted.

Thank you @grace Was great having you around

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A big thank-you to @slubwama for sharing this photo with me - this is the Jinja Hackathon team together in our group photo from a few weeks ago :smiley:


Thank @grace and the team at large for making this a success

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