O3: Let's make the Dev Console friendlier (by fixing repeat-offender errors)


I often hear that one thing that makes O3 annoying to build on for devs is the abundance of repetitive errors they see in the Dev Tools Console. e.g. these two repeat offenders:

I just did a quick click through various parts of the patient chart while in test3, and found these other Common Offenders: Screenshots of Console Errors abundant in test3

Can anyone look through those screenshots and reply here with which ones you think are low-hanging fruit to solve? Then we can ticket them like the two linked above.

CC @dkigen @dkayiwa @samuel34 @pirupius @alaboso @vasharma05

Also bringing in this screen shared by an implementer here - I didn’t recognize these errors from the document I shared above, but since these are confusing implementers, probably worth having a look: