O3 Form Builder is down. Where/how to host? (FIXED)

Our hosted community-version of the O3 Form Builder https://formbuilder.o3.openmrs.org is down, and has been for ~2 months.

Why this matters: Many O3-users (including me / folks who maintain our Demo environment!!) rely on that hosted demo of the O3 Form Builder, esp. if they want to skip self-hosting it. Having a community version available also helps accelerate groups who are new to O3. We also cannot manage sample forms for our community demo and shared release process without this tool!

So: I think a public hosted version of the form builder tool is a very valuable asset for our community.

Why is it down: We had to do an infrastructure migration in July (to JetStream2) and the formbuilder was never re-stood-up anywhere. Ultimately, @ibacher reckons we should add a new server to host something like this. The most appropriate server currently already has too many things running on it. This is one of the many things we need a dedicated devops person for.

@jennifer and @janflowers are now working on plans for better dedicated community devops support.

However: What do we do in the meantime? Is there anything we can do to get the Community O3 Form Builder live again?

CC @dkigen @burke @cintiadr @zacbutko @raff

I’ve revised my opinion somewhat. I think we can just push this to bele. The actual resource requirements for the formbuilder aren’t too bad; it’s just that bele is currently running three OpenMRS prod-level instances (demo.openmrs.org / mdsbuilder.openmrs.org / o3.openmrs.org) and I thought the stability of those services probably required the resources we have available. However, looking at things in Datadog, it looks like there’s enough slack there to host the formbuilder which should be relatively light on resources since it’s entirely a frontend application (we’re only using a nominal amount of CPU, a bit under 50% of RAM and 60% disk space currently).

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Nice! That’s encouraging. Worst case scenario if bele starts to max out, we would get pre-warnings in the #infra channel, right?

Yes, absolutely.

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Hey @grace and @ibacher

I think we can help you with that and provide a hosting on our server, we currently are running EMRS Cloud project which is a hosting in cloud of OpenMRS. I think that both sides can benefit from that cooperation. Let me know what you think!

cc @jslawinski

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https://formbuilder.o3.openmrs.org/ is back up. Note that I think it will only work while pointed to dev3, i.e., not test3 or o3. If someone wants to look into that, it’d be appreciated.

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:heart_eyes: Thank you Ian!!

Hi @ibacher,

builder site https://formbuilder.o3.openmrs.org/ can’t be reached. Is it down again or am I doing something wrong?

Small hiccup… It should be available again.

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Sorry for late join: can someone share login credentials to the form builder? TIA

@amarcelo check out this page with credentials and instruction - Getting Started – AMPATH Forms

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What do you think was the cause? (And - thank you Ian)

It was quasi-intentional… I had gotten it working the “fast” way (manually adding a DNS record) rather than the “right” way. We needed to add another DNS record to the same server (for the CIEL stuff), so I deleted the manually added record so it could be done correctly. It was basically just offline for the weekend (for the EDT definition of “weekend”).

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