O3 for a small clinic : Ready yet to be used?

Hello there,

I’m preparing to implement Openmrs3 for a small clinic (about 20-30 patients/day) in January. I see that there are active commits to the github main branch. I’m wondering if O3 can be used in “production” now. Thanks

Hi @zotis, that’s a great question.

I’d say that you would want to wait for a first release, and that will definitely happen somewhere in Q1.

I suggest that you follow that thread: Releasing O3 Ref App 3.0.0-alpha - #55 by ibacher

Activity on that thread will resume in January. Then as soon as Ref App 3.0.0 can be released, Ozone 1.0.0 can also be released.

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Thank you @mksd ! Looking forward to that. Happy new year :wink: