O3 as a platform for Telehealth/Consulting physicians

Application Name: O3 Version Number: Any

Question: Greetings. I am volunteering for an NGO that provides Telehealth consultation in Afghanistan. We have already done the fundamentals Academy (many thanks for that!) and installed a version on a server. We are very impressed and grateful for what is already there, especially the responsiveness and UX improvements of the latest version. Now we are trying to configure the system to our needs. Unfortunately, I cannot really figure out what would be the best way to cover the usual flow:

  1. Doctor in Afghanistan registers patient and collects vitals, labs and images.

  2. Doctor in Afghanistan then refers patient to a pool of doctors worldwide according to their specialty (e. g. surgery, neurology) and adds specific questions.

  3. Doctors in pool of specialty (e. g. all surgeons) are notified that there is a new patient.

  4. At their own time, conciliar doctor of pool pick patients, examine data and add notes and recommendations, request further info (labs) and medication.

  5. Doctor in Afghanistan receives notification about the finished consultation. This might be enough or they start a new referral with further questions.

In later stages simultaneous visits via camera would be great, too.

I have tried to cover this with appointments but didn’t succeed since they require specific dates. Maybe queues would be better but this module still seems to be a bit buggy.

Furthermore, is there any way to connect a notification system? Most of our doctors work on their phones and use messengers like WhatsApp or Signal, e-mail would be fine, too.

Many thanks in advance for any feedback or recommendations!


Hi @maribobe if just appointment scheduling and notification is the issue then, a scheduling system like
Calendly will be a good alternative. And Calendly can be used to have Doctor/Clinician set their availability.