O3: Architecture for Lab Panels

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We need a standardized architectural modelling for Lab Panels.

Today w/ @vasharma05 in the O3 Design Call we discussed Lab Panels. Screens like the Panel are looking messy because each Lab Result (even when ordered as a panel) is showing as an individual, so we get a lot of UI busyness from individual cards:


  • User orders everything as a panel (e.g. “I ordered a CBC in OpenMRS”)
  • Machine may return full set even if you only ordered 1 lab (e.g. “I ordered a Hemoglobin in OpenMRS but the lab machine forced us to run an entire CBC”)
  • There are a lot of sites where the orders originally created weren’t created in OMRS (this is why we’re relying on the Obs structure) (e.g. “I ordered the Lab within a non-OpenMRS system, now it’s sending us results”)

Decisions per @ibacher & @burke:

  • We want to render things the way the Lab gives them to you.
  • We will accomplish this by storing Lab Panels as obsgroups.
    • The problem causing the view as it is right now (as shown above) is, all these obs are being entered as single obs, rather than an obs group.

Next step

  • Demo data needs to be up to snuff: Results with text, with too much text, with coded answers - we can leverage some work @ruhanga has already been doing → @ibacher & @grace & @vasharma05 to follow up. & @wamz I will try to share w/ you the resulting demo data file. Do you/ohri already have some existing Lab Panel data?

CC/FYI @mseaton @mogoodrich @eudson @wamz @slubwama @samuel34

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@ball might be worth sharing the panels we currently have/use.

Partners In Health uses these concepts (see OCL) which are organized into categories (ie. Biochemistry, Hematology, etc), panels (ie. Complete helogram 3-part diff), and individual lab tests (ie. HbA1c). I’m happy to describe further.

NOTE: OCL doesn’t have the most current versions of the lab concepts but we can update if needed. We do have different concepts sets for various implementations (ie. Haiti, Sierra Leone, etc).

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@ball that is really really helpful actually, for purpose of our demo data. I’ll go through the OCL staging link you shared to i.d. all the CIEL Panels (LabSets) you are using b/c would be ideal for us to have those in O3 RefApp.