O3: "Ampath Form Builder" repo is now the "O3 Form Builder" in OpenMRS org on GitHub

For a while we have been intending to move the “Ampath Form Builder” from Ampath’s Org on GitHub into the OpenMRS org, since we want to convert the Ampath Form Builder into O3 Form Builder, since it leverages the schema we have adopted as the O3 Form Schema.

Thanks to @dkayiwa, @drizzentic, and @dkibet for their help, you can now find the O3 Form Builder here: GitHub - openmrs/ngx-openmrs-formbuilder

This means we can now address bugs in an OMRS repo together.

CC @jdick @bistenes @eudson @samuel34 @achachiez


I see there are still some hard coded references to Ampath that we may want to change; e.g. I believe “AmpathJsonSchema” should be changed to “OpenMRS3JsonSchema”?

I’ve never been a big supporter of renaming this. It’s ok to keep the reference to the original editor IMO, even thought the repository is transferred to OpenMRS - which is great and we should all be thankful. This feels like rewriting history to me.

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Thanks for the great work folks

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