O3: Adding an (S)CSS Linter

Hi Everyone,

In our frontend packages for OpenMRS 3.x we have provided linting functionality with eslint. In some cases this is even enforced as a pre-push check to what I believe is a great benefit. I’m wondering if the community feels strongly one way or another about adding a (s)css linter to be available for use within some of our core packages (esm-styleguide, esm-patient-chart-app, …), and even if we should start enforcing this lint check on pre-push. If so, what style linters and rules would we want to turn on.

Thanks, Zac

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I don’t feel terribly strongly about it, but if we do, stylelint seems like the obvious choice and maybe we’d use the recommended config plus the no !important in declarations rule?

That would cover the things that mostly matter…

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