O3: 3.0.0 is released! 馃帀

Dear O3 Community,

As promised in It鈥檚 Time to Say Goodbye to the O3 Beta, we鈥檙e delighted to announce the release of O3 v3.0.0, marking our first release of the post-beta phase! Video gif. Fireworks in an array of colors and sizes erupt in random succession.

New features and improvements in 3.0.0

O3 Core Improvements

Patient Chart

Patient Management

Form Builder

React Form Engine

Angular Form Engine

O3 Docs

What鈥檚 Next? 3.1.0 is underway!

Hot on the heels of 3.0.0, we are excited to announce that work is already underway on the 3.1.0 QA release. This update incorporates valuable contributions from the community over the past few weeks.

Key Points

  • Priority items will be tracked with the RefApp 3.1.0 tag on Jira: Version Detail - OpenMRS Issues
  • We encourage you to flag any crucial issues with this tag for consideration.
  • We aim to release it to you as soon as possible; aiming to begin QA next week.

QA Review: We invite all community members to participate in the QA process once the release is pushed to https://test3.openmrs.org. To assist in this effort, please refer to our comprehensive QA cheatsheet: O3 QA & Clinical Release Checklist - Google Sheets

You Made this Happen!

A heartfelt thank you to all our amazing contributors who have made this release possible. Your dedication and hard work continue to drive the success of this project.


Well Done All

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Congratulations!! Big day!! Well done!

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I forgot to add this to the original notes:

Contributors to 3.0.0:

Alphabetically by organization affiliation:

If I鈥檝e mistakenly missed anyone please let me know, I鈥檇 like to fix that right away! There are a lot of folks with merged work that will be included in this week鈥檚 coming 3.1.0 release, so this is a bit of a delayed list currently.


BIG congratulations to the community! Happy for you all, great phenomenal work!!

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