O3: 2023-02-20 Design Call: Lab Orders, Appointments & Visits, & MPI/Patient Registry embedded in Registration page

Agenda for this Monday’s Design Call at 4pm CET / 6pm EAT / 10am EDT, on zoom at https://om.rs/zoomo3

  1. Update on Lab Orders designs! :tada: @pauladams & @wamz

  2. Appointments & Visits: Real world feedback and change plan for O3 RefApp & KenyaEMR - @dkibet @minimalist @lousa

  3. Patient Registry + O3 Registration App: Design plan - @dkibet/Palladium, @samuel34/OHRI - Both KenyaEMR + OHRI have been adding the ability for the O3 Registration Page to embed both look-up and auto-create between O3 and the national registry / MPI. Let’s discuss how to turn this work into 1 shared asset community can maintain. Example PR here

  4. Minor - Drug Order Instructions - missing in Drug Order & Dispensing designs