O3: 2023-01-30 Design Call - UI of Allergies, Encounters, Visits, & Order History


Agenda for this Monday’s Design Call at 4pm CET / 6pm EAT / 10am EDT, on zoom at Launch Meeting - Zoom

  • Allergies: See @Ciarán Duffy latest ideation (follow-up from last week)

  • Encounters & Visits: How we show users which encounter or visit they’re working within at any given time. Should be clear which encounter / visit they’re working within. Right now it’s possible for them to unknowingly enter info against a completely different encounter/visit.

  • E.g. Multiple Active Visits at once: End Modal should be clear about which one you’re ending; how can UI make clearer which Active Visit you are adding information to?

  • Confirm Order History plan