npm publishing process

Right now I have the openmrs user on npm. Of course I’m happy to hand this over to anyone on the core dev/infra team if required. Either way, I propose that instead of publishing as the openmrs user, we add individuals as collaborators on specific packages (like I’ve done with myself here).

Collaborators are allowed to npm publish, so that way we have package-level access control. If/when we get to the point of publishing to npm from CI, then we can have the openmrs user perform the publish.




Is there any specific reason you didn’t set up the openmrs scope as an organization rather than as a user? Specifically, you can convert the user to an org (to which many people can belong):

Yes, because it’s not free.

EDIT: Confirmed. Just tried to convert to an org and it asked for CC details.

Looks like the NPM team is willing to help us work through our challenges if we drop them a line. Want to? :slight_smile:

+1 to taking initiative on this, and making it happen!

Why don’t we immediately start putting building on our CI server (regardless of if/when we start publishing from there), and set the precedent from the get-go that OpenMRS JS projects are expected to have some test coverage?

@michael, I’ve mailed @ag_dubs, so let’s see what happens.

@darius, the generator and concept dictionary owa already have their tests running on Travis, but I can try to create jobs on Bamboo for them too. I agree that test coverage is important, and I’ll add measuring that to both repos.