NPE when evaluating Quick Reports

We are experiencing a case where our quick reports are not running. I’ve debugged the error and noticed that an NPE is being thrown when this report is being evaluated.

The line that fails is in and the function is:

 Velocity.evaluate(velocityContext, report, this.getClass().getName(), getTemplate(reportType));

Any insights on how to resolve this will be very helpful.

@mseaton, Kindly help us look into the above Issue.



@werick, you should share the complete stack trace. Also, where is “Quick Reports” in the UI?

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I think we’d need a bit more information to help you debug this. This is a pretty ancient and not-really-supported feature, buried in the legacy web application. Looking at the code, it even has a hard-coded concept id for “RETURN VISIT DATE” here:

So I might not expect this to work correctly for most implementations.

Is there any kind of an error in the log file that you are seeing?

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Quick Reports are under maintenance section within the admin page.

Here is the stack trace

@werick, based on the stacktrace, it appears to be an NPE coming when parsing the “RETURN VISIT DATE THIS WEEK” velocity template.