November 2016 Volunteer of the Month: Pascal Brandt

I’m happy to announce that the community has selected @pascal as our November 2016 Volunteer of the Month!

Pascal, we really appreciate your longstanding commitment to OpenMRS, and all the work you do for us. You will receive the Volunteer of the Month title and icon for use on Talk :trophy:! I know you’re on the infrastructure team and you could assign it to yourself, but as a small token of appreciation, I’ll take care of it. :slight_smile:

We’ve asked Pascal a few questions in order to let everyone get to know some of the great things he’s been doing with the community:

Pascal, what is your OpenMRS ‘name’?

@pascal on Talk and psbrandt on IRC/Telegram (and everywhere else).

Tell us a little about your background

I’m from Cape Town, South Africa, but I’m currently living in Seattle working on my PhD in Biomedical & Health Informatics at the University of Washington. My academic background is in computer science, and I became interested in programming at a very young age.

When did you start with OpenMRS ?

I was first introduced to OpenMRS by @chris when I started working for him at Jembi Health Systems in 2009. For the purposes of learning OpenMRS, the first thing I did was develop a toy global property editor module.

How do you participate in the community (What activities, projects, role, etc)

My primary role is as a member of the technical team within the eSaude local OpenMRS community in Mozambique. However, I’ve played many roles in the community, including implementer, developer, GSoC mentor, local community manager, leadership team member and infrastructure team member. Most recently I’ve worked on the OpenMRS JavaScript Ecosystem (e.g. the OWA yeoman generator and openmrs.js) as part of the Stripe Open-Source Retreat as well as helped out with running the day to day community infrastructure.

What are your favorite things to do in your free time

If I had free time I’d probably use it running, hiking, climbing, reading and playing with new technologies.

What’s your favorite OpenMRS moment or tell us what makes OpenMRS special to you

What amazes me about the OpenMRS community is the constant stream of new contributors who are often willing to step up and assume responsibilities in order to help the community as a whole.

I’ve attached two pictures. In the one I’m talking about OpenMRS at the Stripe offices in San Francisco and in the other I’m talking to students at Universidade Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo about Google Summer of Code.


Very well deserved!!! Thanks @pascal for your awesomeness! :slight_smile: I cannot even count the number of times i have seen you helping out others on IRC. It looks as if you never logout of IRC. :smile:


Finally. He deserves it.


Awesome! Congratulations @pascal!!! Very well deserved. Thank you so much for everything you do.


Congrats @pascal !! You deserve it, Keep up the great work!


congs @pascal its because of men like you that we get inspired to do more.


Congrats @pascal and thanks for all the work–both in public and behind-the-scenes in infrastructure–you do to keep things working.



@pascal 's the man! I’ve had the chance to interact with him few times on IRC and otherwise, possibly not as much as with the other devs but he’s been super helpful, extremely considerate and selfless. His depth and understanding of the OpenMRS system leaves me in awe, very much like @darius , @dkayiwa and the others :slight_smile: well deserved!


Congs @pascal for the great input, you real deserved it.

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Good one, @pascal :slight_smile:

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@pascal Thank you for all you great and numerous contributions to the community. :slight_smile:

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