Notification System

Is there a sort of notification system in Bahmni, such that when a clinician schedules a patient for a laboratory session/test, those with access to openELIS get notified that a patient has been scheduled for a lab session, and as such prepare ahead for the patient. Is this how Bahmni is designed? If not I think this question may be considered irrelevant

Hello @cpnwaugha,

When a test is ordered for a patient from OpenMRS/Bahmni, the request for test gets automatically sent to OpenELIS. The lab folks can see the “orders for today” in the Lab dashboard on their home screen. See this documentation:

So – the idea here is that Lab dept looks at the Lab Dashboard to see their expected workload/patients and pending work.

This short video also explains this:

Thanks so much @gsluthra for clearing me on this.